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Punarnava mandur

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Punarnava or Hog Weed: Punarnava is found throughout India. It is a very important plant for urinary system.It is a wonderful natural diuretic.

Botanical Name: Boerhaavia diffusa

Description: Punarnava is a creeping and spreading perennial herb, with a stout root-stock and many erect or spreading branches. It grows up to 2 meters in length. Punarnava is slightly bitter in taste and is considered hot, light and dry in effect. According to Ayurveda, it balances all the three doshas i.e. vata, pitta and kapha in the body. Vata relates to reduction in nervous exhaustion, depression, paralysis and arthritic conditions. Pitta means reduction in inflammatory conditions which may include fevers, hot flashes, rashes and hypertension. Kapha is the water-retention condition and reduction in overweight, asthma, joint swelling and edema.

Punarnava contains an alkaloid which is known as 'punarnavine'. Research studies have confirmed the diuretic properties of Punarnava. It is useful in obesity, anemia, loss of appetite and jaundice. It is also anti-inflammatory, mildly laxative and also a heart tonic. Punarnava is also known to possess properties to cure skin and soft tissue infections.

Punarnava mandur is a traditional Ayurvedic formulation which is prescribed in conditions like anemia, jaundice, generalized edema, swelling and fluid accumulation, fluid retention in feet. It is also a best herbal remedy for ascites, disorders associated with liver and spleen, skin diseases, kidney diseases, fluid retention due to kidney failure or liver failure.

Punarnava mandur is a classical ayurvedic formulation for anemia, low platelet count, low RBC count, swelling around Joints, generalized selling, gout and other endotoxins accumulation. It is also diuretic and is useful in renal disorders.

Punarnava mandur is highly beneficial in the treatment of obesity. It acts as an herbal diuretic and can help relieve the discomfort associated with excess water retention. Ayurveda considers herbal diuretics as an effective solution for people looking to lose weight, specifically water weight. Certain conditions can contribute to a fluid imbalance in the body including poor diet, and some medications. The herbal ingredients help to remove excess fluids from the body by promoting urination and without the loss of electrolytes or potassium.

Punarnava mandur contains pure herbs and no chemical ingredients or preservatives.

Dosage- 1-2 tablets twice daily, with plain water after meals

Sr. No. Sanskrit Name Botanical Name  Parts
1. Punarnava Boerhaavia diffusa 1
2. Trivrit Operculina turpethum 1
3. Shunti Zingiber officinale 1
4. Pippali Piper longum 1
5. Maricha Piper nigrum 1
6. Vidanga Embelia ribes 1
7. Devadaru Cedrus deodara 1
8. Chitrak mool Plumbago zeylanica 1
9. Pushkara mool   Inula racemosa 1
10. Hareethaki Terminalia chebula 1
11. Vibheetaki Terminalia belerica 1
12. Amalaki Emblica officinalis 1
13. Daruharidra Berberis aristata 1
14. Haridra Curcuma longa 1
15. Dantimool Baliospermum montanum 1
16. Chavya Piper chaba 1
17. Indrayava Holarrhena antidysenterica 1
18. Katuka Picrorrhiza kurroa 1
19. Pippalimool Piper longum root 1
20. Mustaka Cyperus rotundus 1
21. Mandoor Bhasma Ferric oxide calx 40
22. Gomutra Cow’s urine 320

Ingredients of Punarnana Mandur:

Boerhaavia diffusa- The roots are diuretic, emetic, expectorant, laxative and stomachic.

It also possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant and anti-fibrinolytic properties. They are used in the treatment of asthma, edema, anemia, jaundice, ascites, scanty urine and internal inflammation. It is useful also in enlargement of spleen and as anti-stress agent.

Operculina turpethum- The main useful part of the plant is root. The plant has laxative property and thus effective in curing constipation, relieving flatulence, colic condition and other digestive disorders. It is also useful in periodic fevers as it helps in reducing body temperature. It is also effective in obesity because it decreases the excessive body fat. It is also useful in ascites, hemorrhoids, myalgia, pruritus, skin diseases, arthritis and inflammation.

Zingiber officinale- It is an excellent stimulant and carminative and is useful for dyspepsia, nausea and colic. It is also useful in lowering the cholesterol and has properties like blood thinning and hence useful in heart diseases. It is useful in reducing the joint pain.

Piper longum- It is a powerful stimulant for both digestive and respiratory systems. It stimulates the appetite and dispels gas from the intestine and also effective in alleviating respiratory disorders like cough, bronchitis and asthma. It is useful in alleviating inflammations and muscular pain. Also as cholagogue in obstruction of bile duct and gall bladder.

Piper nigrum- It is useful as a digestive stimulant and carminative. It also aids in alleviating pain.

Embelia ribes- It is useful in treating intestinal worms, skin diseases, flatulence, colic, constipation, cough, asthma, bronchitis and general weakness.

Cedrus deodara- It is useful as a carminative, diaphoretic and diuretic. It is used in the treatment of fevers, flatulence, urinary disorders, rheumatism, kidney stones, insomnia and diabetes.

Plumbago zeylanica- It is useful as a carminative and diaphoretic. It is useful in digestive disorders.

Inula racemosa- It is useful as an analgesic and diuretic. It is useful in alleviating pain and acts as an appetizer and in treating anemia and general debility. It restrains the itching sensation and oozing in the skin diseases and thus facilitates wound healing.

Terminalia chebula- It is good to increase the appetite, as digestive aid, Liver stimulant, as stomachic and mild laxative. It is useful in treating liver and spleen disorders and Ascites. It is astringent, anti- inflammatory and anti- spasmodic. It is also useful in kidney related disorders.

Terminalia belerica- It is an astringent and acts as a laxative. It is effective in treating constipation and arrests bleeding. It is also useful in treating stomach disorders such as indigestion and diarrhea.

Emblica officinalis- It is anti-bacterial, carminative, hypoglycemic, stomachic, hypotensive and astringent action. It is acrid, cooling and diuretic. It has anti-oxidative, anti-hepatotoxic, immuno-modulator and resistance building properties. It is a cardio tonic and helps in controlling blood pressure. It is useful in treating ulcers, hyperacidity and jaundice.

Berberis aristata- It is useful as a mild laxative and in curing eye diseases. It is useful in diarrhea, jaundice and skin diseases.

Curcuma longa- It has anti-bacterial properties. It is useful as a blood purifier and useful in diseases like common cold, leprosy, and diseases of the liver, inflammation and useful for wound healing. It is also useful in treating cancer and jaundice.

Baliospermum montanum- It is useful as a mild laxative. It is useful in treating inflammation, constipation, jaundice, liver disorders, leprosy, skin diseases, enlarged spleen, worm infestation, anemia etc.

Piper chaba- It is anti-microbial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and anti -diarrheal. It is also useful as a digestive stimulant and carminative.

Holarrhena antidysenterica- It is useful in diarrhea and dysentery. It is useful in treating bleeding piles because of its styptic property. It is useful in treating hemorrhage, amoebiasis, hepatitis and skin diseases.

Picrorrhiza kurroa- It is highly beneficial in treating Liver disorders. It is useful in treating constipation, stimulates the liver to produce more bile, the secretion which relieves the congestion of the liver and the tissues which start functioning again.

Piper longum root- It is a powerful stimulant for both digestive and respiratory systems. It stimulates the appetite and dispels gas from the intestine and also effective in alleviating respiratory disorders like cough, bronchitis and asthma. It is useful in alleviating inflammations and muscular pain. Also as cholagogue in obstruction of bile duct and gall bladder.

Cyperus rotundus- It acts as a diuretic, diaphoretic, analgesic, astringent, carminative, stimulant, stomachic, anti-bacterial, antibiotic and antispasmodic. It relieves spasms and pain and mainly useful in digestive disorders.

Mandoor bhasma- It is prepared by purifying and calcinating iron rust. Since it is purified and used in mild dosage and mixed with other herbs, it is safe to have it. Acts as a powerful haematinic, diuretic and useful in treating diseases like anemia, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia, edema, intestinal worms, dyspepsia, chronic bowel movements and jaundice. It is most useful in liver diseases and also in kidney disease and enlargement of spleen.

Method of Preparation:

Mandoor is purified and boiled in cow's urine till it becomes a thick liquid like consistency. Then the powders of the above herbs are added and stirred well. While it is warm, tablets are prepared.

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